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Israel To Reprimand Irish, Norwegian, Spanish Envoys For Their Governments’ Plans To Recognise Palestinian State

Israel, Norway, Spain

Israel said it will reprimand the ambassadors of Ireland, Norway and Spain on Thursday. An Israeli official said that this is over their governments’ plan to recognise a Palestinian state next week.

Israel has recalled its ambassadors in Dublin, Oslo and Madrid for consultations. Envoys of these nations have been summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem. Here, they will be shown a previously unpublished video of Hamas taking female captives during its Oct. 7 attack on Israel. Israeli officials said that this triggered the Gaza war.

Israeli opposition has hardened towards ceding territories where the Palestinians seek statehood. It makes the possibility of a two-state solution even more remote. US-sponsored diplomacy on a negotiated two-state accord stalled a decade ago.

The three European countries said they would recognise a Palestinian state by May 28. They also offered to help secure a Gaza truce and revive peace talks. Their stance is in opposition to other Western powers say recognition of a Palestinian state should follow negotiations.

President Biden stated a Palestinian state should come through negotiations. His reaction came after the three nations announced their intention to recognise a Palestinian state. The US stance suggested it did not approve of the three nations’ joint statement.

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White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told a regular news briefing each country could make its own decision on recognition of a Palestinian state

“But that Biden thinks direct negotiations by the parties is the best approach.”

Sullivan said the US would communicate its consistent position to partners and then “see what unfolds.”