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India Slips To 129th On Global Gender Gap Index

ElsaMarie D’Silva, founder of the Red Dot Foundation, sheds light on India’s recent slip to 129th place in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index. She discusses the multifaceted nature of gender inequality in India, emphasizing that the lack of financial independence among women is a form of societal violence. D’Silva explains that barriers such as difficulty accessing financial services, financial literacy, and restrictions on women’s participation in the workforce contribute significantly to this issue.

D’Silva highlights the critical intersection of policy and societal norms, pointing out that while India has progressive laws like the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace and maternity benefits, these are not effectively implemented due to deep-rooted patriarchal attitudes. She underscores that harmful gender norms limit women’s opportunities and are not adequately addressed through education.

Comparing India with countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, D’Silva notes that these nations might have more industries with women-centric jobs, such as textiles, but insists that India must focus on its unique context. She calls for a thorough re-evaluation of India’s policies and their implementation to create an environment conducive to gender equality.

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Moreover, D’Silva stresses the importance of recognizing and valuing unpaid and underpaid work done by women, such as community health work, which was crucial during the pandemic. She advocates for transparency in pay scales and more inclusive corporate practices.

D’Silva also highlights the significance of promoting entrepreneurship among women, particularly in micro-enterprises, by providing them with access to capital, skills, and mentoring. She emphasizes the need for a multi-pronged approach that includes flexible job opportunities to accommodate women’s care responsibilities.

ElsaMarie D’Silva’s insights provide a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and potential solutions to improve gender equality in India. Her work with the Red Dot Foundation continues to be instrumental in driving change and empowering women across the country.