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German Army Needs 75,000 Troops For NATO Commitments


Germany will need at least 75,000 additional troops to fulfil its NATO commitments. This comes as the alliance updates its defence planning to face an increasingly hostile Russia, according to a report by Spiegel magazine.

At the Vilnius summit last year, NATO leaders approved the first major defence plans since the end of the Cold War. These plans detail how the alliance would respond to a potential Russian attack.

This shift marks a significant change for NATO, which had not seen the need for such extensive plans for decades. Previously, NATO was focused on smaller conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, believing that post-Soviet Russia no longer posed an existential threat.

NATO and national military planners are now working to turn these plans into concrete requirements. They are identifying shortages of troops, weapons, and other equipment needed to defend against a possible Russian attack. According to Germany’s top military officials, such an attack could occur as early as 2029.

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To meet these new NATO requirements, the Bundeswehr will need an extra 75,000 troops. These additional forces are necessary to fill allied corps, divisions, and brigades needed for the defence plans. Spiegel magazine cited confidential documents for this information, without providing further details.

Currently, the Bundeswehr has around 180,000 soldiers, which is below the target of approximately 200,000 troops. Additionally, the Bundeswehr employs 80,000 civilian staff. The German defence ministry has not yet commented on this report.

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