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EU Urges China To Address Human Rights Violations


The European Union (EU) has reiterated its calls for China to halt human rights violations. This follows an EU delegation’s visit to Tibet and meetings with Chinese officials.

Concerns Over Human Rights

In a statement, the EU expressed deep concern over the “very serious” human rights situation in China, particularly in regions such as Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong. The EU highlighted reports of crackdowns on human rights defenders, lawyers, and journalists in China. It urged China to investigate and halt these violations, emphasising concerns about unlawful detention, enforced disappearances, torture and ill-treatment.

China’s Response

China responded by lodging stern representations to the EU regarding the China-related content in the EU’s 2023 annual report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian stated that China opposes the politicisation and application of double standards on human rights issues.

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EU’s Continued Advocacy

The EU continues to press for human rights improvements in China, stressing the importance of addressing the reported abuses. The bloc remains committed to highlighting these issues on the international stage and engaging in dialogue with Chinese officials to seek progress.


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