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China Accuses US Of ‘Malign Intention’ To Discredit Its COVID Vaccines

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FILE PHOTO: Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the 10th ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China May 30, 2024. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang/Pool

China accused the US military of “hypocrisy, malign intention, and double standards.” This was in response to a report of a secret US campaign to undermine confidence in Chinese vaccines during the pandemic.

The remarks were made by the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Manila. The remarks were in response to a Reuters investigative report. The report said the US military launched a programme to discredit China’s Sinovac inoculation in the Philippines.

US attacked aid given by China, says report

The investigation found the US military aimed to sow doubt about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and other life-saving aid supplied by China. Through phony internet accounts meant to impersonate Filipinos, the military’s propaganda efforts morphed into an anti-vax campaign.

China’s embassy spokesperson said in a statement.

“People around the world are indignant about the US military’s actions which lay bare the hypocrisy, malign intention and double standards of the United States.”

“While talking about respecting human rights, the United States does just the opposite regarding the fundamental human rights of life and health of the Filipino people.”

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US official acknowledges propaganda war

The US Embassy in Manila referred a request for comment to its Department of Defense.

The report quoted a senior US Defense Department official. He acknowledged that the US military engaged in propaganda to disparage China’s vaccines. This was done to hurt its standing in the developing world. However, the official declined to provide details.

A Pentagon spokeswoman said the US military “uses a variety of platforms, including social media, to counter those malign influence attacks aimed at the US, allies, and partners.”

She added that China had started a “disinformation campaign to falsely blame the US for the spread of COVID-19.”

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