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As China Urges UAE, Iran To Resolve Island Dispute, Tehran Objects

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Iranian state media reported that on Sunday, Iran’s foreign ministry summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tehran. Iran summoned the Chinese ambassador to express objections to a joint statement by China and the UAE concerning the sovereignty of three Persian Gulf islands, also claimed by the UAE.

The islands of Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs are contested territories claimed by both Iran and the UAE but have been under Iranian control since 1971, just before the UAE was established following its independence from Britain. Iran asserts that historical, legal, and geographical documents from both within the country and internationally support its claim to these three Persian Gulf islands.

“Iran’s objection to the Chinese support of baseless claims in a shared UAE-China statement has been expressed to the Chinese ambassador in Tehran,” state media said.

China has been one of Iran’s biggest trading partners for the past decade.

“Iran’s foreign ministry emphasises that the three Islands are an eternal part of the country’s soil and we expect China to mend its position on the issue”, state media added.

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China calls on Iran and the United Arab Emirates to resolve their differences peacefully through dialogue and consultation, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said on Monday.

Iran’s foreign ministry has summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tehran to protest about a China-UAE statement related to Iran’s sovereignty over three islands also claimed by the UAE, Iranian state media reported on Sunday.

“China’s position on the three islands is consistent,” said Mao Ning, when addressing a question on the issue at a regular press briefing.

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