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Angry Trump Vows To Keep On Fighting After Guilty Verdict

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An angry Donald Trump stared down at the cameras inside Trump Tower on Friday after the guilty verdict. He delivered the message: he was ready to fight. Trump had been found guilty by a New York jury of 34 counts related to falsifying documents to hide hush money payments to a porn star.

The Republican presidential candidate rattled off a list of adversaries and grievances in angry remarks. He called Justice Juan Merchan, “crooked” and “a devil.” He described his rival Biden as “the worst president in the history of our country.” He blasted the witnesses who testified against him and the members of Congress who had voted to impeach him.  Trump also echoed his rally rhetoric against immigrants who were pouring into the country illegally.

Trump also implored supporters to donate to his campaign. He framed the challenges before him as being bigger than his alone.

“Do this, because we’re fighting for America.”

While his other campaign speeches have been sprinkled with humour this one was angry. Trump held just one small page of notes during the news conference. He took no questions and retreated quickly from the lectern.

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The former president’s allies also lashed out at the justice system and anyone who dared suggest Trump had committed a crime. Many of Trump’s supporters see the New York verdict as a miscarriage of justice. They flooded his campaign with $34.8 million in donations on Thursday alone. That was a one-day record for Trump on WinRed, a platform that handles digital fundraising for Republicans.

The campaign which currently lags behind Biden in total fundraising, blasted off a flurry of foreboding fundraising texts to supporters.



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