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Donald Trump Challenges Biden To One More Debate And A Golf Game

Donald Trump is challenging President Joe Biden to another debate without any moderators or as he likes to call it ‘man to man’. Addressing a rally in Florida, Trump said, “Let’s do another debate this week so that sleepy Joe Biden can prove to everyone all over the world that he has what it takes to be president. This time it will be man to man. No moderators, no holds barred, just name the place any time, anywhere.”

Many within Biden’s Democrat Party are having second thoughts. Can the US President run a successful campaign ahead of the November 5 elections where he will face off against Donald Trump? The doubts first surfaced after the fumbling show that Biden put up in the first Presidential debate on the 27th of June. That debate saw Donald Trump mouthing one lie after another but the focus largely stayed on Biden losing his train of thought or saying things that were incomprehensible. The polls have given Trump a lead over Biden after the debate round. And Donald Trump wasted no time in mocking his opponents.

“The radical left Democrat Party is divided in chaos and having a full scale breakdown, all because they can’t decide which of their candidates is more unfit to be president. Sleepy crooked Joe Biden or laughing Kamala?,” said Trump as his supporters cheered him on.

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Trump stayed quiet on his choice of running mate while addressing the rally in Florida. But he did challenge Joe Biden to another faceoff on the golf course. “I’m also officially challenging crooked Joe to an 18 hole golf match right here under house Blue Monster, considered one of the greatest tournament golf courses anywhere in the world.”

The golf challenge may not be such a surprise considering both leaders spent more than a few minutes of the first debate talking about each other’s handicaps in the game and claiming better golfing skills.

Joe Biden has had a bruising fortnight since the debate where his performance was subpar and has prompted questions on his mental fitness. On his part, Biden has said he had a bad night but has no plans of bowing out of the race.