Home Explainer Biden Delivers Powerful Speech At NATO Summit; Pledges More Support For Ukraine

Biden Delivers Powerful Speech At NATO Summit; Pledges More Support For Ukraine

“Putin wants nothing less than Ukraine’s total subjugation, to end Ukraine’s democracy and to wipe Ukraine off the map. Ukraine can and will stop Putin,” said President Biden in his speech to commemorate 75 years of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO.

The Washington summit started a day after Russian strikes across Ukraine killed at least 22 people and injured 68 more. Ukrainian officials have said Russia’s strike targeted the nation’s largest children’s hospital too.

At a milestone event for NATO, President Biden delivered a strong and forceful speech in defence of Ukraine. This NATO summit in Washington is expected to see more commitments on military and humanitarian aid to Kyiv. Biden announced a donation of air defence equipment for Ukraine. He said the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Italy would provide Ukraine with the equipment for five additional Strategic Air Defense systems and intend to provide dozens of additional Tactical Air Defence Systems in the months ahead ‘before anyone else’. “Make no mistake,” said President Biden, ” Russia is failing in this war. More than two years into Putin’s war of choice, his losses are staggering. More than 350,000 Russian troops dead or wounded nearly 1 million Russians, many of them young people, have left Russia because they no longer see a future in Russia.”

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There’s no doubt his campaign team will also be hoping that this speech will help put to rest questions of whether he is still capable of running for President following a disastrous debate with Donald Trump in June. Before saving Ukraine, the Biden campaign will be hoping this speech helps salvage his campaign.

The shadow of the upcoming U.S Presidential elections were naturally felt at the summit. Donald Trump has questioned the amount of aid given to Ukraine in its battle against Russia’s invasion. Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy also said he is unable to hazard a guess on what Donald Trump would do if he got re-elected for another term as President, saying he stayed hopeful of the U.S. ‘s continued support for Ukraine. But he also urged politicians on both sides of the political divide not to wait till November to send urgently needed munition to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia. “I want to be candid and frank,” said President Zelenskyy. “Now everyone is waiting for November. Americans are waiting for November. In Europe, the Middle East, in the Pacific. The whole world is looking towards November and, truly speaking, Putin awaits November too.”