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India Is On The 5G Highway But Concerns Remain

NEW DELHI: India is officially among the countries with a 5G network, the prime minister having cut the cut the ribbon on Reliance Jio’s network last weekend. Stratnewsglobal’s 5G discussion during the Catalyst event, was in that sense an eye opener to the many gains that could accrue to the Indian economy, industry and the consumer. 5G as panel discussants noted, would be an enormous boost to industry but there was a need to help all sections of industry including SMEs and MSMEs to understand and benefit. Going forward, the adoption of an Indian standards 5G is a game changer since this country now has an IPR in a highly niche area. Tomorrow India could offer its 5G to developing countries on affordable terms. 5G does present security concerns and the point is whether telecom majors are sufficiently sensitized to it.

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