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‘The India US Relationship Has Been Moving Forward For Over Two Decades’

NEW DELHI: The visit of US Defense Secretary Austin has cleared the decks for what could be a major leap forward for the India-US relationship, says Arun Singh, former ambassador to Washington. Speaking on The Gist, Ambassador Singh underscored that perhaps for the first time, the US is embarking on a military technology relationship with a country that is not its alliance partner.

It indicates that the US is looking at India in the long term, confident that notwithstanding Delhi’s disinclination to get into military alliances, it still remains a trustworthy partner when it comes to countering China in the Indo-Pacific.

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Ambassador Singh pointed out that since the year 2000, across political boundaries, successive US administrations have endorsed and taken forward the India relationship. The current momentum is also testament to a vibrant economic relationship with two-way trade at around $190 billion and over $40 billion of investment the two countries have made in each other.

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