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‘Indian Startups Weathered The SVB Storm Well, But Macroeconomic Uncertainties Remain’

NEW DELHI: The crisis triggered by the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in California appears to have stabilised for now although serious questions remain to be answered, says Anil Padmanabhan, Editor of the Capital Calculus substack. Answering questions on The Gist, he pointed out that the banking regulators in the US were taken by surprise when the run on the bank began but did take remedial measures to contain the damage. Padmanabhan says India, especially Indian startups have weathered the California storm well. He attributes this to the local startup ecosystem which prizes frugality in operations (although there are always exceptions), and to the speed with which the regulators moved to assure industry. But in his view, regulators will themselves admit that they are always behind the curve. The question is how much behind the curve they are, how quickly they respond to a crisis and their ability to learn from such crises. Tune in for more in this conversation with Anil Padmanabhan, Editor Capital Calculus.


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