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‘Imran Khan’s Incarceration Key To What Lies Ahead For Pakistan’

NEW DELHI: As political strife and economic bankruptcy grips Pakistan, doomsayers have been quick to predict its break up and disintegration. In this conversation on The Gist, Ramanathan Kumar, former special secretary R&AW and an old Pakistan hand, looks at the situation since the second failed attempt by the authorities to arrest Imran Khan. He believes that the authorities are determined to lock away King Khan, seeing in that the implosion of his party the PTI, which would smoothen their path to power. It also implies the return of Nawaz Sharif from exile in London. But making any prediction in politics is risky and in Pakistan doubly so. The role of the army is critical and although its chief Gen. Asim Munir has been awfully quiet, he may be the lead player in the plan to remove King Khan. India also needs to closely watch Munir. Kumar believes his claws are sheathed for now, but once Pakistan stabilizes he may unleash the jihadi dogs on India. Tune in for more in this conversation with Ramanathan Kumar, former special secretary R&AW.

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