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“Every Indian Should Say The Himalayan Boundary With Tibet Is The Tibet Not China Border”

New Delhi: On ‘The Gist‘, Tenzin Tsundue, Tibetan Activist & Writer in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. On India’s Tibet policy, Tenzin reiterates what he says is the Dalai Lama describing it as “overcautious”, while acknowledging since 2008, India “has stopped giving China a free certificate” in its statements on ‘One-China’. Though the activist points out, “India is generally much more assertive, it’s much more confident of its own policies. And now it is a global player”, he makes an appeal, saying that it is “important that every Indian should say the Himalayan border with Tibet is the Tibet border.”

Editor’s Note: This interview was recorded before China officially announced President Xi Jinping would not be attending the ASEAN & East Asia Summits in Indonesia and the G20 Summit in Delhi. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Premier Li Qiang would be representing China.

Watch this interview for more on what Tenzin has to say on the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal repression and coercion in Tibet, Chinese attempts at mainstreaming the pinyin for Tibet-Xizang, India-China relations, the two times Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping have had conversations on the sidelines of the last G-20 and BRICS Summits, “China as India’s enemy number one”, Tibetan protests during the G-20 Delhi Summit, Chinese aggression in East Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, Tibetans’ position on both those Indian territories, the significant symbolism behind using the terms-Tibet border and Chinese occupied Tibet, Tibetans being inducted into Chinese PLA ‘militias”, Tibetans in India’s Special Frontier Force, how China cannot and should not be allowed to interfere with the Dalai Lama’s succession and what many Tibetans feel about a “negotiated solution” with China.


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