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‘China’s Warfare By Legal Means’

NEW DELHI: China’s new foreign affair law is basically legal warfare, using legal tools to buttress its territorial and other claims, says Dr Jyun-Yi Lee, associate professor at Taiwan’s Institute for Defence & Security Research.

In this chat on The Gist, Dr. Jyun argues that China sees legal warfare as a valuable tool chiefly against the US, with which it is engaged in a struggle for international dominance. Legal warfare is used to justify the dangerous manoeuvres by PLA ships against US naval vessels in the South China Sea.

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The same is used to justify the softer position it adopts against Taiwan, says Dr. Jyun. Legal warfare is also being used against India, although that also depends on h on how closer India move to the US.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Dr. Jyun-Yi Lee of Taiwan.


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