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‘America Has Failed Ideologically, Economically And Technologically …’

NEW DELHI: Alfredo Toro Hardy may not be a name that comes readily to mind in India’s diplomatic circles. But he is a distinguished former Venezuelan diplomat who has penned an interesting book America’s Two Cold Wars: From Hegemony To Decline?

Prof. Hardy is currently based in Mexico City and StratNewsGlobal was fortunate to have caught up with him for a chat on The Gist. Prof. Hardy faults the US for allowing Russia and China to come together. He also faults the US for failing economically and technologically, for failing to heal divisions at home and for the failure of the liberal ideal.

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Towards the end he also looks at India, its efforts to balance its interests by investing in relations with the US, with Russia and, despite the Ladakh face off, even with China. How India will fare remains to be seen.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Prof. Alfredo Toro Hardy.