South Asia and Beyond

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‘CAATSA Penalties On India Would Be Strategic Malpractice; Are Past

NEW DELHI: On ‘Talking Point‘, Ambassador P.S. Raghavan, the former Chairman of India’s National Security Advisory Board and an Ex-Envoy to Russia and Jeff Smith, a specialist on South Asia as a Research Fellow in the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Centre and author/editor of ‘Asia’s Quest for Balance: China’s Rise and Balancing in the Indo-Pacific’, […]Read More

Delhi Dialogue On Afghanistan: A Pointed Message To Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Amid the often frenzied diplomatic to and fro over Afghanistan, last week’s gathering in Delhi of security czars from seven countries, including Russia, Iran and the five Central Asian states, had a distinct flavour. Driven by Russia and anchored by India, it sent multiple messages to the region and beyond: that while Pakistan […]Read More

From West to East Europe, Pandemic Spurs Backlash Against Governments

NEW DELHI: Europe is once again the “epicentre of the pandemic.” These alarming words stated by none other than WHO’s Regional Europe Director Dr Hans Kluge showed that despite lockdowns and stringent rules, the 27-member-nation bloc had failed to curb Covid-19. Statistics in the WHO’s weekly report showed that Europe had reported a “5% increase […]Read More

‘India Needs To Adopt A More Sustainable Model Of Development’

NEW DELHI: Looking back on the recently concluded COP26 in Glasgow, former foreign secretary and climate change envoy Shyam Saran says two points clearly stand out: developing countries cannot rely on the developed world to deliver on the $100 billion of climate financing they had committed, to simply because their own economies are in trouble; […]Read More

5Gi Trials Next Year; Spectrum Still An Issue

NEW DELHI: Early next year, IIT Madras plans to hold trials of its home grown 5G equipment on its 700-acre campus in Chennai. The trials should start around January or February 2022 and continue till about April. “We have developed a stack entirely in-house, we have the nucleus or the core, the base station and […]Read More

‘Manipur Attack May Have Been Triggered By A Number Of

NEW DELHI: Is the ambush of an Assam Rifles convoy in Manipur’s Churachandpur the prelude to something larger? That’s hard to say, but Lt. Gen. Shokin Chauhan (Retd), former director-general of the Assam Rifles, points to the situation on the ground. Talking to StratNewsGlobal on The Gist show, he said there is chaos in neighbouring […]Read More

Made In India Weaponised Drones, Loitering Munitions From Next Year:

NEW DELHI: Solar Industries Ltd, a Nagpur-based explosives and ammunition company, has announced that it has become the first Indian firm to successfully demonstrate prototypes of weaponised drones (Hexacopter) and loitering munitions. The company, already a world leader in packaged explosives and accessories, said in a press release that it is developing an array of […]Read More