South Asia and Beyond

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‘There Will Be An Asia-Led World Order, Not A China-Led

PUNE: Despite the growth of the American economy and a seeming belief that the U.S. is increasingly determining global affairs today, its position is much weaker than what it used to be since the end of the Cold War. Kishore Mahbubani, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, tells StratNews Global Opinion Editor Ashwin […]Read More

‘Afghan-Taliban Talks Give India Opportunity For More Skin In The

The U.S. willingness to withdraw and the imperative for Afghan peace has created the conditions for the first time in 19 years for both America and the Taliban to reach a breakthrough. India’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan Gautam Mukhopadhaya acknowledges the achievement so far. In conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi he outlines the tricky negotiations ahead. On the February […]Read More

‘Taliban Deal Is A Chance For Peace But Concerns Remain’

KABUL: A ‘reduction in violence’ that has held for a week and has infused Afghans with hope for a comprehensive ceasefire will continue for the foreseeable future—that’s the immediate bottomline after U.S. Special representative Zalmay Khalilzad and deputy political head of Taliban Mullah Baradar signed a deal in Doha, Qatar. Shabeer Ahmadi, Tolo News Foreign Desk Head and StratNews Global […]Read More

Pulls And Pressures Of The International System Are Most Evident

PUNE: External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar underlined the importance of trade in the current international order when he stated, “The pulls and pressures of the international system are today most evident in the trade domain.” Talking about the increasing focus on trade the minister added that the last few decades there had been what he […]Read More

‘Trump Visit Political Theatre In Election Year, Putin-Modi Meetings Not

NEW DELHI: Russian Senator Andrei Klimov on an India visit speaks to StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi. As Deputy Chair of Russia’s Upper House- the Federation Council’s- Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Senator contrasts U.S. President Donald Trump’s first visit to India with meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, discusses why […]Read More

Saturday: U.S.-Taliban Deal In Doha, U.S.-Afghan Declaration In Kabul

KABUL: Afghanistan and the United States will issue a joint declaration to emphasise U.S. commitments for Afghanistan on Saturday, the day the U.S. and Taliban are scheduled to sign a deal in Doha. U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and NATO chief Stoltenberg will come to Kabul tomorrow to announce the declaration with President Ghani, presidential […]Read More

The Quad In The Indian Ocean

NEW DELHI: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. That old dictum may have to be completely revisited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after back to back visits of two world leaders to India this February. The first being Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka whom Delhi would like to qualify as […]Read More