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‘Biggest Lesson From Covid-19: Invest Heavily In Health, Education’

NEW DELHI: Post-Coronavirus, the government must set aside fiscal discipline and focus on stabilising the lives of thousands of workers in the informal sector. That’s the word from Rajat Kathuria, head of the economic policy think tank ICRIER. In an audio chat with StratNews Global’s Editor-in-Chief Nitin Gokhale and Editor Surya Gangadharan, Kathuria said the lives […]Read More

Daniel Pearl Murder Verdict Fallout: U.S. Pressure Jolts Pak Into

“It is a mockery of justice. Anyone with a minimal sense of right and wrong now expects Faiz Shah, prosecutor general of Sindh to do his duty and appeal this reprehensible decision to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.” –  Judea Pearl NEW DELHI: That anguished tweet from the father of slain American journalist Daniel Pearl after the […]Read More

World Bank Approves $1.9 Bn Emergency Fund For COVID-19, Says

NEW DELHI: To help developing countries fight the COVID-19 outbreak better, the World Bank has approved a first set of emergency support operations. The first group of projects, amounting to $1.9 billion, will assist 25 countries. India is the biggest beneficiary, with an allocation $1 billion. Pakistan comes a distant second ($200 mn) followed by Sri […]Read More

‘West Is In Decline But There’s No Certainty Yet Of

NEW DELHI: As part of our ‘Chinese Virus, Global Reset’ series, StratNews Global reached out to former diplomats and strategic analysts with questions on what the world order will look like post Covid-19. Harsh Pant, Director, Studies and Head of the Strategic Studies Programme at the Observer Research Foundation, tells Opinion Editor Ashwin Ahmad that […]Read More

Chinese Virus In India’s Neighbourhood — Part 3

NEW DELHI: As the Chinese coronavirus continues its unrelenting march across the globe, StratNews Global casts its eyes around the Indian subcontinent to see how the neighbourhood is coping. Much like India, these countries are densely populated, have poor health infrastructure and lack the wherewithal to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. Many are […]Read More

What Has Relief Got To Do With Religion? A Lot,

KARACHI: Even at the best of times, it’s tough being part of a minority community in Pakistan. The Chinese virus pandemic that has affected over 1800 people in India’s western neighbour hasn’t blurred the administrative indifference towards Hindus and Christians. In the narrow bylanes of Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city and the country’s financial nerve centre, minorities […]Read More

Virus: How East Asia’s Tackling The Pandemic

NEW DELHI: As the Chinese coronavirus continues its unrelenting march across the globe, StratNews Global cast its eyes around the region to see how other nations are coping. Our focus is on East Asia, and we examine the steps they have put in place to deal with a crisis of this magnitude, whether they are […]Read More

India Will Now Accept Foreign Donations To Help Battle Chinese

NEW DELHI: Amid eyebrows being raised about the government setting up the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES Fund) for donations to deal with the Wuhan virus, India has decided to accept foreign contributions to the fund. It marks a shift from India’s position dating back to the tsunami of 2004, to not accept […]Read More