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What India Should Expect From A Joe Biden Presidency

NEW DELHI: It’s not Sanders it’s Biden!  The news that Joe Biden has edged out Bernie Sanders as the Democrats’ presidential candidate for the upcoming elections will come as welcome relief to New Delhi. Like Britain’s former Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Sanders has made several anti-India statements particularly on Kashmir and “mob violence” in India. On […]Read More

‘China And The Post Covid-19 World’

NEW DELHI: In the midst of the black clouds of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19, spreading uncertainty around the globe and governments grappling to stop the immense loss to human life and damage to their economies, world leaders have begun assessing the possible contours of the post Covid-19 world. The U.S. and West particularly are trying […]Read More

‘No UN Security Council Leadership Reprehensible Tragedy; G-20, SAARC Should

NEW DELHI: Helen Clark, New Zealand’s Prime Minister for three terms and former head of the United Nations Development Programme, in conversation with StratNews Global Associate Editor Amitabh P. Revi  discusses whether the UN Security Council taking over two months to discuss the pandemic proves it’s just a global talking shop and whether the world body is missing in action. She deplores […]Read More

‘Global Leadership For COVID-19 Pandemic Is The Only Way To

MADRID: The scale, speed and threat of the global COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented, as is the financial response now required. According to experts, this pandemic is unlikely to be quickly contained. It may ebb and flow over time, across seasons and between regions, underscoring the importance of a coordinated global response. As former Presidents and […]Read More

Indian Firms In Global Race To Develop Chinese Virus Vaccine

NEW DELHI: In the worldwide race to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus, Indian firms are not far behind. Hyderabad-based Indian Immunologicals is collaborating with Australia’s Griffith University to develop a “lead candidate vaccine” for the virus. Company scientists said they are developing a “live attenuated” vaccine, meaning a weakened strain of the virus which […]Read More

‘Dream Of Bangladeshis To See Bangabandhu’s Killer Hanged’

NEW DELHI: Abdul Majed, one of the fugitive assassins of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was arrested by the Bangladesh police in Dhaka on Tuesday, could be hanged soon. Bangladesh home minister Asaduzzman Khan Kamal told StratNews Global on Thursday that Majed’s death sentence will be carried out once all the formalities are complete. “It […]Read More

Coronavirus Scare: Boris Johnson Now ‘Stable’ But Britain Hasn’t Seen

NEW DELHI: Global pandemics are truly democratic in nature. Witness British Prime Minister Boris Johnson being moved to the intensive care unit at St Thomas’s Hospital on Monday afternoon, diagnosed with the coronavirus. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab is in charge until the PM returns. Latest reports suggest that the condition of the British PM is “stable” and […]Read More