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ZURICH: The latest reiteration of a ceasefire between India and Pakistan should be noted, not hyped. True, it offers a
NEW DELHI: There’s a distinct desi trend visible in the tech space in India. Recently, the National Informatics Centre launched
NEW DELHI: Ties between Turkey and the U.S., strained for many years over multiple issues, got a reprieve when a
NEW DELHI: President Joe Biden may not be making the Saudis, or more particularly Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS),
NEW DELHI: Sweden’s decision late last year to ban, on national security grounds, China’s telecom major Huawei (and ZTE) from
NEW DELHI: By any academic standard, this could be considered unusual. The Washington DC-based think tank, Atlantic Council, has published
NEW DELHI: India's Adani Group has been invited by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to discuss the terms of
NEW DELHI: China may have failed to keep the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) united despite a last-ditch attempt in
PUNE: There is an old Chinese board game called ‘Go’, which the Chinese prefer to chess. The objective of the
NEW DELHI: In the next few days, Pakistan's National Assembly will pass an Act setting up the CPEC (China Pak