South Asia and Beyond

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NEW DELHI: Though the fighting in Gaza is yet to come up in the UN General Assembly, many countries have
NEW DELHI: The recent statement by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that the Kingdom desires “good relations with Iran”
NEW DELHI: In about four months from now, India faces a potentially crippling shortage of Helium gas due to falling
TAIPEI: Hong Kong is different from cities in mainland China because it still has elections. Therefore, in the logic of
NEW DELHI: Reports about China’s plan to build a super dam on the Yarlung Tsangpo, rivalling even the Three Gorges
NEW DELHI: By taking military action in 2020, China has clearly indicated that she does not desire a stable, balanced, forward
NEW DELHI: The opening lines in MIT’s prestigious journal ‘Technology Review’ (Feb 21, 2021) are about a massive landslide in
NEW DELHI: India’s ‘Vaccine Maitri’ is creating ripples on foreign shores as it has in our near and extended neighbourhood.
ZURICH: The latest reiteration of a ceasefire between India and Pakistan should be noted, not hyped. True, it offers a
NEW DELHI: There’s a distinct desi trend visible in the tech space in India. Recently, the National Informatics Centre launched