South Asia and Beyond

India And Power Play In The Gulf

NEW DELHI: The deal between rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, brokered by China, came as a surprise to many countries. The U.S. was in for a shock though. Of the three parties involved, one is its biggest global adversary, the other its biggest adversary in West Asia and the third its partner. It signals a churn in a region where U.S. supremacy has long prevailed and it also projects Chinese influence. Desperate to give out the message it’s still in the game, the U.S. organized the first meeting of the security chiefs of Saudi Arabia, India, the UAE and itself in Riyadh earlier this month. The agenda largely revolved around connecting the region better with the world. So where does India fit into all this? In this episode of ‘Simply Nitin’, StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale explains.


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