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Israeli Opposition Forms Coalition To Oust Netanyahu

Israel’s opposition parties have announced that they have reached a coalition agreement to form a government. The announcement which was made by Israel opposition politician Yair Lapid just an hour before the midnight deadline that he could form government with a majority in the 120-seat Knesset. The coalition, if it holds, may finally see the end to the turmoil in Israeli politics which has seen four elections in two years. If it holds, it will see the end of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reign, the longest-serving prime minister in Israeli history. But there are issues ahead. The coalition combines members of the Israeli far right, liberals and even a small Arab party called Raam, which would become the first Arab group to join a right-leaning coalition in Israeli history. Given the coalition’s precariousness it is more than likely that Netanyahu will look to get members to defect before the swearing-in which The Times of Israel reports will be on June 9. There is already every indication that he will not give up. Asked by a journalist if this was last week as PM m he responded. “Is that a wish or a question?”