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Indonesia To Lift Wrecked Sub

Indonesia is waiting for the arrival of a Chinese vessel equipped for deep salvage operations, indicating it plans to lift the wreck of the KRI Nanggala submarine from the sea bed. The submarine had sunk to 2,600 feet last week while carrying out a torpedo drill in the Bali Sea. Reports from Jakarta hinted at the use of balloons and high powered magnets.

But Indonesia’s Navy Chief Yudo Margono was quoted as saying that “it’s hard to talk about specific timing but I can say that as soon as help arrives we’ll start”.

The government clearly intends to bring out the bodies of the 53-strong crew of the Nanggala including its captain.

It’s not clear how the sub went down. There’s speculation of a blackout in the vessel which left the crew unable to perform safety measures. The possibility of an explosion on board is discounted. The sub was also described as seaworthy.