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Trump’s ‘Plan’ To End U.S. Military Aid To Ukraine Unless It Negotiates Peace With Moscow

Will Trump threaten Ukraine with a curtailment of military aid to bring it to the table? Two of his top aides speak about a 'plan' if he returns to the White House.

Russia-Ukraine: Trump ‘Plan’

Donald Trump has repeatedly said his “top priority” is to quickly end the Russia-Ukraine war. That’s of course if he wins the November 5 U.S. presidential election. Two key advisors have presented him with a potential plan. It involves telling Ukraine it will only get more U.S. weapons if it enters peace talks. The U.S. would also warn Moscow that any refusal to negotiate would result in increased support for Ukraine. Retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg is one of Trump’s national security advisors. In an interview with Reuters, he said he presented the strategy to Trump. The Republican presidential candidate responded favourably, he added.

Kellogg and Fred Fleitz have drawn up the plan. They served as chiefs of staff in Trump’s National Security Council during his 2017-2021 presidency. There would be a ceasefire based on prevailing battle lines during peace talks, Fleitz said. Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung though clarified only statements made by Trump or authorised members of his campaign should be deemed official.

Kremlin’s Response

The Kremlin said any peace plan proposed by a possible future Trump administration would have to reflect the reality on the ground. But, added Russian President Vladimir Putin remains open to talks. Putin told foreign editors in a meeting on the 5th of June that he did not rule out a U.S. policy shift.

The core elements of the potential Trump plan were outlined in a publicly available research paper published by the ‘America First Policy Institute’. It’s a Trump-friendly think tank where Kellogg and Fleitz hold leadership positions.

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Kellogg said it would be crucial to get Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table quickly if Trump wins the election. “We tell the Ukrainians, ‘You’ve got to come to the table, and if you don’t come to the table, support from the United States will dry up,'” he said. “And you tell Putin, ‘He’s got to come to the table and if you don’t come to the table, then we’ll give Ukrainians everything they need to kill you in the field.'”

In fact, the U.S. has delivered Army Tactical Missile System or (ATACMS) to Ukraine. Russia blamed the U.S. for responsibility for a Crimea attack on Sunday with these missiles. They have a 300-kilometre range. A lasting peace in Ukraine would require additional security guarantees for Ukraine, Kellogg and Fleitz said. Fleitz added that “arming Ukraine to the teeth” was likely to be a key element of that.

Ukraine NATO Membership Off The Table?

According to the Trump aides’ research paper, Moscow would also be coaxed to the table with the promise of NATO membership for Ukraine being put off for an extended period. The proposal would mark a big shift in the U.S. position on the war and would face opposition from European allies and Ukraine.

Fleitz said Ukraine need not formally cede territory to Russia under their plan. Still, he said, Ukraine was unlikely to regain effective control of all its territory in the near term. The U.S. has spent more than 70 billion dollars on military aid for Ukraine since Moscow’s re-invasion. President Biden has consistently pushed for more. And his administration supports its eventual entry to NATO. Earlier this month, Biden and Zelenskyy signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement.

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