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Hong Kong In China’s Chokehold, Beijing Appointees Will Rule

 Hong Kong In China’s Chokehold, Beijing Appointees Will Rule
TAIPEI: Hong Kong is different from cities in mainland China because it still has elections. Therefore, in the logic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Hong Kong is implementing ‘one country, two systems’. China sees Hong Kong’s current governance model as a sharp contrast to the undemocratic colonial style governance under the British Empire. But there is really not much difference between the two. Both under London and now under Beijing, political participation is decided by the central authority. Chris Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, introduced the most controversial electoral reform with a fully elected legislature in 1995, which was abandoned when China reasserted sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997. Before that, for more than a century under the British, the Hong Kong Legislative Council was appointed by the colonial government, not elected....Read More


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