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From Commerce To Security, India Builds Ties With Gulf States

 From Commerce To Security, India Builds Ties With Gulf States

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Source: Twitter

NEW DELHI: There’s a new buzz across the vast stretch of water linking the west coast of India and the Arabian Gulf states. The buzz is about commerce with the India-UAE free trade area coming into force on May 1. Oman and India are beginning the feasibility study for a limited FTA even as Delhi pushes forward talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council on another FTA. And where commerce flows it’s only natural to look at security. An Indian Navy training squadron is at the Saudi port of Jeddah for joint exercises. It follows on from the first India-Saudi joint naval exercise “Al-Mohed Al-Hind” held last year in August. The UAE also seems eager to test India’s maritime prowess. Joint bilateral naval exercises have become more frequent ever since New Delhi and Abu Dhabi elevated their ties to that of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) during Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s visit to India in January 2017 as the Republic Day chief guest....Read More

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