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China Will Be Tough With India As Key Party Congress Looms

 China Will Be Tough With India As Key Party Congress Looms
What’s the way forward for India and China in the new year? Indications from the 14th round of border talks between senior army officers of the two sides have been negative although there are plans to meet again. But even if China relents to some extent on India’s proposed path of disengagement, the sense one gets after talking to diplomats and senior army brass, is a broad continuation of efforts by the Chinese to constrain India diplomatically, and also militarily with pin-pricks and face-offs on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Simply put, 2022 may be little different from 2021 and therefore the need for India to maintain its tough posture on the LAC. Senior army officers who have served on the China border say India needs to augment its ability to keep the LAC under effective surveillance. China seems to be more sensitive about eastern Ladakh, and therefore the need for the Indian army to ensure an effective presence/posture there. India must also not let up in its efforts seeking clarification of the LAC as the first step towards a formal boundary resolution. This is all the more important given China’s moves to resolve its boundary issues with neighbours like Bhutan....Read More

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