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As India Builds Momentum For 5G Launch, Commercial Concerns And Legal Hurdles

 As India Builds Momentum For 5G Launch, Commercial Concerns And Legal Hurdles
NEW DELHI: “By the end of this decade, we should be able to launch 6G services and our task force has started working on this.” That announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a telecom event in Delhi earlier this week reportedly triggered alerts in some world capitals and the headquarters of international telecom firms, all sought technical details about India’s 6G. Their reaction was understandable. Detailed technical specifications for 6G are yet to be developed. In fact, the “6G Vision” is expected to be unveiled only next year at the World Radio Congress. That in turn will kick off technology development with the focus on even greater convergence which could see flattening of the current tech landscape. But 6G is a long way off. What people failed to realize is that the prime minister’s was only a political statement of intent made on the day he launched an indigenous 5G test bed at IIT Madras. That intent is to initiate research on 6G, particularly innovations that address India’s specific needs as it enters the decade of 2030-40 crucial for its growth....Read More

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