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Balochistan: Torn By Violence, Suppressed By State

NEW DELHI: It’s Pakistan’s biggest province, quite rich in resources such as natural gas, yet Balochistan remains the poorest and the most underdeveloped region in the country. The Balochs want greater autonomy for the region and there have been protests since the Pakistani nation came into existence in 1947. All those demands and several uprisings have been crushed. A long-standing insurgency fuelled by public discontent and a sense of alienation, may have been met with force by the government on several occasions, yet it keeps simmering. Targeted killings and forced disappearances at the behest of the Deep State is quite common in the region where the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) terminates at Gwadar. In this video chat, StratNews Global Editor Surya Gangadharan and Tilak Devasher, Member of National Security Advisory Board, discuss all that and more.

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