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“Indian Startups Are Now Getting Contracts Within The US Defence Industry”

NEW DELHI: On Talking Point, StratNews Global Editor-In-Chief Nitin Gokhale speaks to Vivek Lall, Chief Executive, General Atomics Global Corporation and a Board member of the US India Business Council (USIBC). Speaking about the India-US Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET) Lall says that the effort that has gone in from the top leaderships of both countries to generate momentum at various levels, especially at the business level, is now showing results. Speaking about the focus areas of cooperation under iCET, Lall said particular attention is being placed on defence innovation, 5G and 6G and rare earth minerals for which cooperation had already begun at the business level. There is now a recognition within Washington of the global talent and ambition of Indian startup firms for which some of them are being given contracts even in sensitive areas such as the US defence industry. Going beyond the US, Lall pointed out that the Quad setup has offered initiatives such as the Quad Investors Network which has ensured various technology solutions on quantum and AI could come from three or even four Quad member countries in the future. On the defence front, the General Atomics global corp chief confirmed that the India-US predator deal inked in June this year was very much on and other areas of cooperation in defence and clean limitless energy were being explored.

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