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‘Awami League Cadres Behind Attacks On Puja Pandals’

NEW DELHI: The Islamist groups are not behind the attacks on Durga Puja pandals in Bangladesh, this is the work of the lower level cadres of the ruling Awami League!

For Indians conditioned to believing that the Awami League is pro-India, this may come as a shock. But journalist and columnist Saleem Samad argues that the Islamists have no interest in the Hindus. Their primary target is Sheikh Hasina who they blame for cracking down on them, jailing their cadres and even hanging some of those who worked for Pakistan during the 1971 liberation war.

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Samad says the Awami League cadres in the countryside covet the lands owned and farmed by Hindus. Attacking them on Dussehra sends a message that they are not safe, forcing many to sell off their lands at lower cost as they seek safety in the cities or in India.

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