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Abnormal Phase In Ties With China: Jaishankar

 Abnormal Phase In Ties With China: Jaishankar

This is a very “challenging and abnormal phase” in our ties with China due to tensions at the Line of Actual Control, says External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar. In 2020, the Chinese violated all border protocols that were in place and the consequences of that we saw in Galwan and in other areas as well, he said at the India Today conclave. “We have deployed our troops, we have stood our ground and the situation to my mind still remains very fragile because there are places where our deployments are very close up and in military assessment actually quite dangerous now.” We have made it very clear to the Chinese that we cannot have a breach of peace and tranquility (at the border), you can’t violate agreements and then want the rest of the relationship to continue as though nothing happened; that’s just not tenable, said Jaishankar.


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