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‘Space Policy Has Been Long In Coming But Clears Decks For Flight Into Future’

NEW DELHI:For a country with a fairly mature space programme, it took a long time for India to come out with a space policy. This vision document released a few days ago, sets out what India intends to achieve in space and identifies the instruments to that end, says Chaitanya Giri, Editor of Interstellarnews in a conversation on The Gist.

For one, ISRO now reverts to its original purpose, research or R&D. The other activities it has been doing until now, ranging from deploying launch vehicles to sending satellites into space and other commercial roles will go to the private sector.

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The challenges are many, Giri acknowledges. India lacks sufficient trained manpower necessary for a sophisticated space industry, universities and institutions offering space as an academic discipline are few. Technological hurdles are there. Space tech is an exclusive domain and expertise is jealously guarded.

Tune in for more in this conversation with Chaitanya Giri, Editor Interstellarnews.


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