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‘India’s Covid Milestone Opens New Vistas In Healthcare And Education’

NEW DELHI : Ten days ago India crossed a milestone in Covid vaccinations: over 2 billion and counting. As of now, over 97% of the adult population has received one dose and 90% two doses. The clock is now ticking on how quickly India can do the government mandated precautionary third dose. In this conversation on The Gist, Anil Padmanabhan of the popular Capital Calculus on substack, gives a perspective on this accomplishment, a largely indigenous effort driven by public digital assets including the CoWIN platform which ensures reliable online registration of every vaccinated individual. Padmanabhan notes that India’s effort holds many lessons. It has focused the government’s effort, after many decades, on rehabilitating what is a decaying health care infrastructure. Equally, the COWIN success can be replicated in other areas of health and even education. Tune in for more in this conversation with Anil Padmanabhan of Capital Calculus.

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