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‘FDI In India Is Growing, Across Sectors And States’

NEW DELHI: Amid the pandemic induced gloom and doom about the Indian economy, Deepak Bagla is refreshingly different. In a frank chat on The Gist, the CEO and managing director of Invest India, the government agency charged with bringing foreign direct investment into the country, says there’s a lot of overseas interest in the India story.

Since the agency’s inception ini 2009, Invest India has brought $32 billion in FDI and looking forward, Bagla says the story can only get better. Across every conceivable business and industrial sector, and across 29 states, the avenues for foreign money entering India are multiplying, driven by the ongoing digital transformation.

This has added to the “ease of doing business” index, and schemes like Production Linked Incentive have found ready takers. Bagla hinted that talks were on with key foreign governments and tech companies to take advantage of the decoupling with China, to set up shop in India. More in this conversation with Deepak Bagla.


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