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Brazil’s Rising Global Influence Is In India’s Interest

NEW DELHI: President Jair Bolsonaro’s first state visit to Delhi has thrown up questions on the India-Brazil relationship, where it stands, and what more can be done to build up ties. Speaking to StratNews Global, Deepak Bhojwani, former Consul General in São Paulo and an analyst of Latin American affairs, tells Opinion Editor Ashwin Ahmad that Brazil is becoming an influential player on the world stage and this will work to India’s benefit, as the two countries have enjoyed strong ties for some time now. Bhojwani also points out that aside from the personal chemistry between the leaders – Prime Minister Modi and President Bolsonaro are meeting each other for the third time in the last four months – Brazil’s strategic partnership with India and its increasing ability and willingness to supply crude oil to New Delhi at a reduced cost (currently Latin America already accounts for more than 15 per cent of India’s crude oil imports) makes the South American nation more and more important to India both on the bilateral and multilateral stage.

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