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‘Xi Jinping’s Drive For Third Term Gets Another Boost’

NEW DELHI: The Chinese Communist Party’s central committee comprising the top brass, has ended four days of deliberations behind closed doors in Beijing. The meeting is seen as giving Xi Jinping another leg up in his push for a third term, one that seems pretty certain to happen next year.

Ananth Krishnan, correspondent of The Hindu newspaper in Hong Kong, told StratNewsGlobal that President Xi appears to have done a competent job of locking up all his rivals. So barring something completely unforeseen, Xi could end up with his third term and perhaps even more going forward.

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What remains a puzzle is why the man who flew direct from Beijing to Chennai for an informal summit with Narendra Modi, turned against India months later. The Galwan clash was instigated by China and as chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi would have known and approved it.

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