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U.S. Capitol Storming By Trump Supporters ‘Bonanza For China’: Analyst Cleo Paskal

NEW DELHI: “XI Jinping will be sitting with his popcorn and smiling”, says Cleo Paskal, Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defence of Democracies on the U.S. Capitol being breached by President Donald Trump’s supporters while Congress was meeting to certify the Electoral College’s votes for President and Vice President. She added: “China loves this, it’s very overtly being fomenting dissent in the U.S. through various political warfare means for a very long time. So, this is a bonanza for them.” The Associate Fellow, Chatham House also discussed calls to either impeach President Trump or invoke the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment deals with Presidential succession and disability and Section 4 addresses situations where a President is unable to do the job but does not step down voluntarily. Speaking to Amitabh P. Revi, Associate Editor, Strat News Global on the roots of the deep partisan divisions in America, Paskal said: “what’s needed is a situation where the violence against society is not tolerated on any side. That’s what it would take to begin to lower some of those seemingly condoned behaviours as well as do the investigations in a transparent manner so that people feel like their concerns are at least being heard.” One woman was killed after being shot in the riot. Cleo Paskal also discussed the Democrats gaining control over Congress for the first time in a decade after winning two Georgia run-off elections.

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Amitabh P. Revi

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