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‘The Ladakh Standoff Is China’s Way Of Messaging India’

NEW DELHI: China is sending India a message, that the pinpricks on the Line of Actual Control will continue until Delhi acknowledges Beijing’s interests in this part of the world. Prof. B.R. Deepak, who teaches and researches on China at Jawaharlal Nehru University, told StratNews Global that China does not believe India has lived up to the commitment made at the two informal summits, of partnering China. Rather Beijing’s worst fears of India are coming true, of an assertive Delhi tying up with the US and other western allies to “contain” China. Of course, China will not accept the view that India will not be any country’s handmaiden, and will pursue its strategic interests. This means not becoming a part of CPEC because it is being done on territory that India considers its own: Pak Occupied Kashmir. Deepak says the Line of Actual Control will therefore remain a “grey” area for China, one which it will continually contest, hoping that at some point India will agree to a border resolution which suits China.

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