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Putin: Chinese EVs Better, U.S. Tariffs Are Unfair Competition


During his visit to China on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticised U.S. tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles as an instance of unfair competition. “Unfortunately, the way the world works today, sometimes situations arise related to unfair competition. This is exemplified by the recent American sanctions on China concerning electric transport, specifically electric cars,” Putin stated.

“Why? Because Chinese cars have got better,” he said.

Putin is in China on a visit designed to further deepen the relationship between the two most powerful rivals of the United States.

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Washington this week hiked tariffs on $18 billion in Chinese goods including electric vehicles, batteries, semiconductors, steel, aluminium, critical minerals, solar cells, ship-to-shore cranes, and medical products, while retaining Trump-era tariffs on over $300 billion in goods.

The U.S. has significantly increased tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles (EVs) under President Biden’s administration, raising them from the initial 25% to a staggering 100%. This move is part of a broader strategy to support American manufacturing and jobs, particularly to enhance the U.S.-based supply chain for green energy. Former President Trump initially set these tariffs, which Biden has chosen to not only maintain but also intensify.

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