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Putin and Kim Jong Un Sign Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in Pyongyang


Cheering crowds and lavish ceremonies greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin in Pyongyang on Wednesday. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed “unconditional support” for Russia’s policies, including its war in Ukraine, during a summit that marked Putin’s first visit to North Korea in 24 years.

Grand Welcome and Strategic Talks

An honour guard with mounted soldiers and a large crowd of civilians gathered at Kim Il Sung Square to welcome Putin. The square featured children holding balloons and giant portraits of the two leaders with national flags. Following the ceremony, Kim and Putin rode to the Kumsusan Palace for summit talks.

“We highly appreciate your consistent and unwavering support for Russian policy, including in the Ukrainian direction,” Putin said at the start of the talks, as reported by Russian state news agency RIA. He reiterated that Moscow was fighting the hegemonic, imperialist policy of the United States and its allies.

Kim declared that North Korea-Russia relations were entering a period of “new high prosperity” and expressed full support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Signing of Strategic Partnership

After extensive talks, Putin and Kim signed a comprehensive strategic partnership pact. This agreement is intended to be the basis for broader cooperation between the two countries, according to Putin’s foreign policy aide.

Kim emphasized the need for stronger strategic dialogue with Russia, given the increasingly complicated global security environment. “We will unconditionally and unwaveringly support all of Russia’s policies,” he assured Putin.

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North Korea expressed solidarity with Russia’s efforts in Ukraine, framing the conflict as a necessary measure to protect sovereignty, security interests, and territorial integrity.

International Reactions and Concerns

The summit and the newly signed partnership are being closely watched by Seoul and Washington, who are concerned about the growing military ties between Russia and North Korea. China, North Korea’s main political and economic benefactor, has reacted cautiously, avoiding any trilateral arrangements that might affect its relations with other countries.

The United States and its allies fear that Russia could assist North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, which are banned by U.N. Security Council resolutions. They also accuse North Korea of providing ballistic missiles and artillery shells for Russia’s use in Ukraine, claims that both Moscow and Pyongyang deny.

Economic and Diplomatic Implications

Russia has leveraged its relationship with North Korea to challenge Washington, while North Korea has gained political backing and promises of economic support from Moscow. Putin’s visit was marked by discussions on developing alternative trade and mutual settlement mechanisms independent of Western control.

In an article for North Korea’s official ruling party newspaper, Putin suggested that North Korea could achieve economic growth within an anti-Western economic bloc led by Russia. This message is likely to resonate with Kim Jong Un, according to Rachel Minyoung Lee, an analyst with the 38 North programme in Washington.


Putin’s visit to Pyongyang signifies a significant step in strengthening Russia-North Korea relations at a time when both nations face international isolation. The comprehensive strategic partnership aims to enhance cooperation and challenge Western influence, highlighting the evolving geopolitical landscape in the region.