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‘Panjshir Collapse Brings Afghanistan Under Taliban Control For First Time’

NEW DELHI: The Panjshir Valley north of Kabul appears to have fallen to the Taliban in a manner reminiscent of the rest of the country. If this is indeed the case, the Taliban has brought the whole of Afghanistan under their control. This has important implications and StratNewsGlobal talks to Maj. Gen. Sanjay Meston, who was defence attache in Kabul some years ago, for his perspective.

Gen. Meston also talks about the reports of factional differences within the Taliban. How serious are these differences and who are the main players? The Haqqani Network is said to be contending for a seat at the high table when the Taliban government gets going and Pakistan is backing them. Important to note that the Haqqanis are Pashtuns based in Waziristan in Pakistan and are a known criminal network actively involved in the drugs trade.

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More in this conversation with Maj.Gen. Sanjay Meston, former defence attache in Kabul.