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‘Not Sure What China Has Gained Through Aggression’

NEW DELHI: “China has lost India strategically. If they wanted India to play a role between them and the US, that is not going to happen. India is now firmly with the US,” says Gautam Bambawale, former ambassador to China and one of the longest serving joint secretaries on the MEA’s’ China Desk. He talks to StratNewsGlobal in our series One Year Since Galwan, giving an overview of the diplomatic context.

India and China are now in a “brave new world”, he argues. China by its actions in Ladakh, has torn up the peace and tranquility agreements signed since 1988. He underscored the external affairs minister’s fateful words, “India China relations are at the crossroads,” and unless there is a resolution of the boundary issue, India is certain that there cannot be any improvement in relations.

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China has not been aggressive only against India, he points out. It’s been aggressive all over the world including with its littoral neighbours. It’s clear that for them the days of lying low are over, they want to show their strength to the world and “i’m not sure for what gain,” he says.

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