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Myanmar Tightens Noose On Free Speech

After revoking the licences of several media outlets and putting scores of journalists and dissidents behind bars over the past year, Myanmar’s military regime has imposed further restrictions on freedom of speech. The junta-controlled Information Ministry has now decided to impose pre-broadcast censorship on local and foreign television serials. The ministry will ban any content it deems politically or religiously dangerous, or that it believes undermines the culture and national solidarity or arouses sexual desire. Earlier this week, a regime-controlled court sentenced prominent model Nang Mwe San to six years in prison for “harming the culture and dignity” of Myanmar, reports The Irrawaddy. Another top model, Thinzar Wint Kyaw, faces the same charge. In the aftermath of the coup, the regime banned people from using satellite dishes to restrict access to protest-related news.

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