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‘India Must Overcome Taiwanese Scepticism, Domestic Challenges To Make Chips’

NEW DELHI: India appears close to embarking on a major investment of over $7 billion to set up a semiconductor facility with help from Taiwan. Semi-conductors also known as chips, are vital for industries ranging from automobiles and mobile phones to heavy industries including steel. There is a huge chip shortage worldwide which is expected to ease only later next year.

In this conversation with StratNewsGlobal, IT engineer Manik Kumar argues that India needs such a facility but the onus is on Delhi to overcome the sceptics in Taiwan. Can India deliver on basics such as electricity and water, is the question being asked in Taiwan. What about skilled labour? Is there sufficient demand in India for chips ? and so on.

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From his perch in Taipei, where he has been a resident for the last 15 years, Kumar offers unique insights into the semi-conductor industry, India’s challenges and how it must tread carefully given the degree of international politics that has affected the chip making business.

Tune in to this conversation with Manik Kumar.