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LAC Standoff: ‘China Testing The Waters—India’s Response, Timing, Political Will’

NEW DELHI: A roadmap for de-escalating the LAC standoff is in place after Indian and Chinese military commanders met on June 6, as StratNews Global reported earlier today. But what explains the confrontation that began over a month ago? The Chinese have an agenda and I don’t think the current chapter has ended, says China specialist Jayadeva Ranade. Speaking to StratNews Global Editor-in-Chief Nitin A. Gokhale, Ranade, a former intelligence officer, said: ‘They are testing our response, they are testing the timing of our response. They are testing our military and political will’. Lt Gen. Sanjay Kulkarni (retd) who has served as Chief of Staff, 14 Corps, concurs. Even they know military confrontation is not the answer, he says ‘They’re trying to send a message to Southeast Asia, to Taiwan, to Hong Kong, even to America’.

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