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‘How Does A Foreign Firm Benefit By Moving To India?’

NEW DELHI: IT is not just information technology, it is also India-Taiwan, India strong in software and Taiwan strong in hardware, says Grant Kuo, tech entrepreneur and academic from Taiwan. Talking exclusively to StratNews Global, Kuo says while decoupling from China is a fact, corporate groups will be looking at how they benefit by moving to country A or country B. Are these countries already in the supply chain? What about trained manpower? Is there an existing eco-system that their company can plug into?
This is the context in which businesses and industries seeking to diversify to other countries, will look at India. Taiwanese firms have got to know a lot about India in the course of the last two years. An eco-system does exist but India’s trade agreements with other countries put Taiwanese firms at a disadvantage. India’s workforce is innovative and resourceful but tends to move out after a few years seeking more money. These are some of the problems with working in India, Kuo says.
Kuo said his country is aware of India’s ambitious plans for 5G but believes 5G should be kept for high-end work. The existing 4G networks are adequate for the general population.

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