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‘A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan Is Not Imminent … We Have Some Breathing Space’

NEW DELHI: Shen Ming-Shi is a former colonel of the Taiwan army and is presently a Fellow at the Institute for National Defense Security Research in Taipei. He closely studies China’s military, looking particularly at their recruitment, training and equipment. In his view, China will never rule out a military invasion and occupation of Taiwan but would prefer that reunification with the island happen peacefully.

In an exclusive chat on StratNewsGlobal, Dr. Shen believes that China has carefully gauged the implications of an invasion including the possibility or risk of getting into an exchange with the US military. Then there’s also the impact on its economy if the invasion goes haywire. There will be repercussions at a time when the economy has taken a hit from the pandemic.

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More in this conversation with Dr. Shen Ming-Shi.

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